Des Ong

Des is a professional wildlife photographer based in the UK. Born in the tropics, he grew up with a firm interest in nature. His love of art began during his teenage years where he practiced watercolour. Wildlife photography is a combination his two passions – art and nature. It is his artistic expression of the natural world.

Even though Des feels most at home in the rainforests, he is equally adapted to the cold northern environment. His work is widely published and has been awarded in various international competitions. Des is also a keen advocate of primate conservation.

Alf Jacob Nilsen

Alf is a biologist and a retired teacher from the small island of Hidra, on the southwestern coast of Norway, where he developed a passion for biology and nature. At university, he specialised in marine invertebrates and became an expert in underwater photography writing several books on the topic. Subsequently his interest grew in biodiversity and evolution.

Alf began focusing on terrestrial species in 2006 when he visited Africa for the first time. Since then he has further developed his photographic skills and visited many countries around the world recording a diverse range of subjects.

Andrew Robinson

Andy has been interested in wildlife photography for over four decades. He and his wife, Fiona, have been lucky enough to have lived in two houses recently where they have red squirrels coming into their garden. Over the last fifteen years, he has got to know these adorable native mammals pretty well.

His main photographic interest is camera trapping, mainly of tricky nocturnal mammals, including over the last three years wild polecats. He finds the difficulty appealing!