Fox Workshop

This is a unique group of foxes that come out in good daylight, and with some care, can come very close indeed. We will be working near ground level or able to attain eye-level shots, from purpose built enclosures which consists of tents and camouflage screens. This does mean however, that you will be working in confined spaces and on uneven grounds for several hours. So do bear this in mind before booking. If you can put up with the discomfort, you will be rewarded with some stunning images of Red Fox.

You will be thoroughly briefed on not just how to get the shots, but also how best to behave in order to stay hidden. As the foxes move around a bit, it’s difficult to be very precise but in order to get frame filled shots you should have at least 400mm of focal length on a cropped-sensor body or longer. If you use a Nikon camera, you can hire either a 80-400mm lens (£35), or a 500mm prime lens (£50) for the day. You will need a tripod that can be set low to the ground. Bring a teleconverter and a right-angle finder, if you have them.

There’s no physical exertion to speak of other than the fact that you’d need to keep yourself still for long periods in the hides! The cost for this unique workshop, is £195. The maximum number of participants is 3 per day.

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